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- That was quite a lot of plot in a very short time and it all felt a little rushed, but still, quite entertaining. The most astonishing element was the lack of a true Big Bad, an evil mastermind who had to be defeated: John was a comparatively small fish who mostly succeeded through luck, ruthlessness and a cleverly used gadget, Mayor Lockwood was too stupid to feel endangered himself, the rest of the tombpires made Frederick look like an evil genius, and Katherine didn't bother showing up until the very end. It's an unconventional way of handling this kind of plot, but also rather refreshing.

- Oh, Anna. You were fabulous, but you should have run while you still had the chance. Gilbert men truly were the curse of your family. Here's hoping for flashbacks.

- Elena: seemed a little too inconsequential in this one. She keeps getting told off by Jeremy, Stefan is saved first by Alaric and then by Bonnie instead of her, and when "she" is finally doing something actively - kissing Damon, attacking John - it's Katherine in her stead. Her brief moment with John was nicely played though, and her consistently trying to get through to Jeremy and telling Damon to not make her regret their friendship were strong emotional points. I'd still like her to take on a more active role, though.

- Bonnie! Assertive, determined, but willing to compromise for her best friend's sake. I loved how she warned Stefan off about Damon. She's becoming a worthy successor to Sheila and Emily.

- Damon: except for teasing Stefan and Elena and trying to, er, "educate" Jeremy in the beginning, he was decidedly too "good" this episode. At this point, I just don't buy it. That said, I liked his reaction to Anna's death and his subtle refusal to turn Jeremy in their subsequent conversation. Points for noticing something was off about Elena in the end, too.

- Jeremy: do I have to care? Because I kind of don't... on paper, this is a tragic storyline which should make you feel bad for the kid, but in practice, he always ends up being the guy whose far cooler girlfriends get killed instead of him. I suspect he won't turn because he didn't get bitten; instead the blood will counteract the pills' effects, leaving him even more desolate and prone to moping.

- "I have so many emotions - but I have no way to express them... being a teenager is so hard!" - I'm a mean old woman, for I laughed so hard at that.

- John: I hope it hurt. Other than that, I do find the character understandable and even pitiable, if not sympathetic: here is someone who probably always felt unloved (and is likely right about that), who never even got the chance to take on responsibilities for his family, and who probably thought all that was necessary to shoulder his manly Gilbert vampire hunter legacy. And the one time he honestly tries to connect with his "daughter," he gets stabbed and likely killed. Poor guy... but I really hope it hurt. Will his ring go to Jeremy or Elena, I wonder?

- Jenna: you managed to survive. That's good! You also mistook a bloodsucking fiend for one of your charges and let her into your home, did not hear it when she maimed and gutted your ex-boyfriend and uncle/father to your charges, and didn't notice that the other of your charges is just committing suicide/trying to transition into a creature of the night. In addition to all of that, you didn't use the Founders' Day celebrations to go out with a certain unattached history teacher/vampire hunter and maybe finally tap that. Seriously, woman, have you been hitting your bong too much lately?

- Alaric: of course he would bring stakes to a small town festivity. After all, one could run into hostile vampires anywhere!

- Caroline: I liked her and Matt supporting Tyler when his father tried to manhandle him into leaving. I'm rather convinced she won't die, but poor girl, what a way to end her fantastic day. And again, she's not conscious to witness her mother worried sick on her behalf.

Sheriff Forbes: loved her integrity and her determination not to endanger her citizens; also loved her teaming up with Mrs. Mayor, who got some welcome layers herself during this episode. Now that she and Damon are the only Secret Council members left, will it become more effective?

- Tyler: let's hope his Mom knows about the werewolf thing, or he'll have a really great time during the next full moon.

- Mayor Lockwood: really a fully grown alpha male douchebag. Well played show, well played. Like a lot of the other villains, he's consistent in wanting to protect his family, but seems rather desinterested in anyone else, including his own constituency; and like John, he gets caught up in his own dastardly plan. I'm not entirely sure I buy the sheriff department just taking the Mayor into custody, but I guess there wasn't enough budget for realistically acting non-speaking parts? I am also a little surprised that Damon doesn't know werewolves, but maybe he's only familiar with the furry variety. Since Lockwood's dead now, maybe [livejournal.com profile] yahtzee63's dream comes true and Damon runs for Mayor.

- Katherine: I was unfortunately spoiled for this, like, two days ago (that will teach me to watch promos), but I still really enjoyed her patiently putting one knife after the other into the knife block while John bared his fatherly soul. That scene, like the one with Damon in front of the house, was really well played; there were subtle undercurrents that simply weren't Elena, but it wasn't until she looked down at John's hand that it became obvious. I like to think that she killed him not just for endangering Damon and Stefan, but also because he murdered Pearl and Anna. Sociopathic murderer or not, Pearl was her best friend for centuries. Can't wait to see her confronting her doppelgänger descendant. That should be awesome!
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