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Being Human, one in a series of what I presume are meant to be youthful and edgy test pilots issued by the BBC, deals with the trials and tribulations of three flatmates who just try to blend in and get by in an ordinary way. They are hampered in this by their less than ordinary afflictions - George is a werewolf, Mitchell is a vampire and Annie is a ghost, and as you may imagine, this causes shenanigans. I (finally) watched this last night and minor spoilers )
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This is one of those shows that sneaks up on you, seemingly nothing special at first, just another procedural with a quirky lead character, one that you suspect will never really raise above any of its countless siblings. But then, suddenly, it turns out to be this character-driven, atmospheric little jewel that has great acting, good writing, brilliant music, a solid overarching mystery, standalone cases that are not excessively ripped from the headlines and an investigating duo that rivals early Mulder/Scully in chemistry, and before you really know it, you're hooked. Additional bonus - tons of Deadwood alumni keep creeping up, and "Calamity Jane" Robin Weigert has a regular spot as Crews and Reese's Lieutenant.

The story is simple: Cop Charlie Crews has been incarcerated for 12 years, for murders he didn't commit. His lawyer manages to prove his innocence and achieve compensation - a considerable amount of money and the department he used to work for hiring him back, this time as a detective. He doesn't just return for the fun of police work, obviously, he wants to find out who set him up, and there indeed may have been a rather sinister conspiracy, complete with faking evidence and hiding witnesses. This mystery unfolds slowly but steadily in the background, and illustrates both Charlie's character and his evolving relationships to the people around him, especially his housemate, financial advisor and fellow ex-convict Ted, his new partner Dani Reese and his old partner Bobby Stark.

It's extremely well done, and if you don't watch it yet, you should really try it out. I'm sure you won't regret it.

Very brief, random thoughts on the most recent episode, A Civil War )


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