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Most fannish people who've known me for longer than two minutes are aware that I don't really do shipping. Now don't get me wrong, I'm usually all for my favourite fictional people being in love, because it can be lots of fun if the chemistry's right and watching pretty people making out is always a plus, but it's not strictly obligatory, and if a character gets nothing but a romantic storyline I usually find it a bit... boring. Why then, you ask rightly, do I do this meme? Well, it doesn't say anywhere that you can't do it with actual SHIPS, right? 12-12-12 encouraged me to do this, thus it is all her fault )
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wee_warrior: *munches cheese*
cat: Ooooh, you have food! Can I have some?? I'm sooo hungryy! I'm starving!
wee_warrior: But that's cheese. You don't like cheese.
cat: Totally like cheese! And starving. Can you see me STARVE?
wee_warrior: *is weak* Oh, well then, here you have a piece of cheese.
cat: *indignant* But that's - cheese!
wee_warrior: Well, told you so, didn't I?
cat: Hey, you have food!
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My Harry Potter Spoiler of Doom is:
Hermione Granger blows up the Houses of Parliament using Avada Kedavra
Get your Harry Potter Spoiler of Doom

Yeah, I have nothing to add to that.
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Here is yet another meme, which has been going around for a bit; I stole it from [livejournal.com profile] being_fulfilled

  1. My username is wee_warrior because ...
    grim squeaker was taken. No, really, that's about it, grim squeaker was my main internet nickname at that point (seeing that my presence was almost exclusively restricted to TWOP and message boards shared with people I knew from TWOP) and when I couldn't get that one, I invented one that is likewise inspired by Terry Pratchett characters. His Tiffany Aching series - which, as a random aside, is rather awesome and well worth reading - features a certain kind of fairy-like tribe, the Nac Mac Feegles, also known as "pictsies," or wee free men. They basically look and behave like stereotypical picts or celts - red-haired and covered in blue tattooes and always fighting and drinking, only that they are quite tiny. They also steal everything that isn't nailed down and believe that they are already dead, which makes them excessively fierce warriors. All of this was very appealing to me, thus the name.

  2. My journal is titled The Noble Geek because...
    I'm a geek, and a Sherlock Holmes fan; specifically I'm a fan of a rather spiffy BBC series from the 1990s starring the esteemed Jeremy Brett as Holmes and at least two different people as Watson. "The Noble Bachelor" is a somewhat labyrinthine short story featuring the detective which was turned into a very inspired, extremely trippy outing by the TV show. Totally worth watching, and since I remembered it even 13 years later, I decided to name my journal after it. I'm not quite sure what that says about me, actually.

  3. My subtitle is and though she be but little she is fierce because ...
    I'm kinda short, you might notice that in my choice of internet nicknames, or maybe because I told you. (I can also be somewhat belligerent and have a morbid kind of humour, thus all the violence/death connotations in the nicknames. Needless to say, I also simply like Pratchett a lot.) In addition, one of the most pivotal experiences of my next-to-last highschool year was playing Helena in "A Midsummer Night's Dream"; the line is actually something she says while quarrelling with Hermia about girl stuff. In our case that was kind of hilarious, as our Hermia towered over me by roughly one foot. That created merry entertainment, I can tell you.

  4. My friends page is called friends page because...
    I was too lazy to change it. It used to have a name several layouts ago, but I've forgotten what that was.

  5. My (current) default userpic is Elizabeth Bennet from the BBC version of Pride and Prejudice because ...
    I quite adore the series - if more for Jennifer Ehle than for Colin Firth, although he certainly isn't bad here - and she has a very delightful expression in this icon.I'm currently in good spirits, so she's my default, for now.

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Someone actually created a Goth-O-Matic Poetry Generator, where you can write your own deep and dark poems! Behold my masterpiece:

Darkness Descends

the night falls with a silent sigh, cold and alone are we.
the salvation for which you pine
flares once, then dies,
devoured by a velvet ebon nothingness.
all hope must die.

your soul thrives no more.
how could you tear us asunder?
angels surround us, crying,
we are fallen.


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