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Having been blessed surprisingly with one less day of nightshift* , I spend today sleeping and doing cooking experiments! I made a chicoree salad (okay, but not really my kind of thing) and mango lassi, which tasted awesome, if not even remotely like the original.

In less food-intensive news, happy birthday to [livejournal.com profile] suyetsumu! Hope you had a nice day without your students pestering you too much.

*and wow, do I hate nightshift. Everyone told me it would be bad, but in fact, it is thirty times worse, mostly because I'm too tired to come up with reasonable distractions like I do during the dayshifts.
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Real Life recap: Kira, the surviving kitty, seems to do pretty well, all things considered. She seems perfectly healthy, so I'm guessing poor Tippin's demise was actually caused by some indigestible object and not by an infection, just like the vet said. She seems a bit displeased, though, either because she misses her playmate, or because it annoys her that she is constantly observed for possible symptoms.

As for myself, I have yet another cold, this time with a whole range of symptoms, including, for the first time ever, chills! Did you notice that these things you've only ever heard of but never encountered are always a bit of a letdown when you finally experience them? I really thought chills would be a lot more dramatic. Might just be my hyperactive imagination, though.

Either way, the Cold of Evil pretty much killed my week where any social activities where concerned, so naturally, I am, well, bored, especially since The Valiant Roommate also has a cold and is exceedingly grumpy about it - although he, to my knowledge, does not experience chills of any kind. I guess his naturally sunny with slight overclouding disposition simply suffers a little from being confined to the indoors.

Snippet about Life, the TV Show: In the first week of December, Life will run the first episode of a Two Parter after Heroes' fall finale, and the second episode on it's usual spot on Wednesdays. I think that's a good sign, although I have no idea what it means for Journeyman, which is usually on after Heroes.

Virtual Life: Ask me something about any characters or TV shows I like. Anything you ever wanted to ask me (or didn't, until now).


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