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One of my foster cats and I just had a small, er, dispute. Ow.
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It's been a while since I posted, so I thought I'd give some sign of my continued existence... Real Life has been somewhat demanding over the last few weeks and I didn't have the energy to write regularly. I might do that again, but frankly, I don't know when. I'll try keeping up commenting, though.
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...just somewhat swamped with RL. There will be more content, eventually.
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Despite appearances to the contrary, I am still among the living, if slightly fried. Working retail during this time of year is not awesome (but necessary, as one wants to eat now and then).

The cats are fine. There are now three of them, for those keeping notes at home. Thus I'm still ten away from being an official cat lady.

I'm very much looking forward to move, I really can't stand the cold in this flat anymore. Spring, come quickly.

And because it's of excessive importance, my current TV schedule )
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Gentle readers and flisters: If you look at my TV reviews from the last year or so, which ones would you pick as possible writing examples for a portfolio/resume? I'm probably going to rewrite them to make them less "fan-specific," but just as a general idea.
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Either we have a chupacabra in the neighbourhood, or there is a rat living in our garden/garage area that is as big as a rabbit. I do usually like animals, but this is frightening.

ETA: now with pictures! (I admit I exaggerated a little bit regarding the size.)

Rat! )
More Rat! )

And bonus picture: new kitty )
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wee_warrior: *munches cheese*
cat: Ooooh, you have food! Can I have some?? I'm sooo hungryy! I'm starving!
wee_warrior: But that's cheese. You don't like cheese.
cat: Totally like cheese! And starving. Can you see me STARVE?
wee_warrior: *is weak* Oh, well then, here you have a piece of cheese.
cat: *indignant* But that's - cheese!
wee_warrior: Well, told you so, didn't I?
cat: Hey, you have food!
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Over the last two days, I tried to get a job as a hell spawn call center agent for one of the bigger phone service providers in Germany, but bailed out at the last minute, because I just can't bring myself to sell useless technology to hapless senior citizens. That leaves me in ethically pristine condition, but might prove devastating to my monetary situation. On the plus side: living under a bridge is not that bad during summer, and at least I will know that I am a good person.

In less dramatical news, here my second and finale TV Drive-By Review for Jake 2.0: Be advised that I was less than impressed... )
*ducks rotten tomatoes*


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