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My foray into the dark depths of Lost Season 1 continues!

A few more scattered observations:again, general spoilers up to the end of Season 4 )

Pointless addition: I'm typing this with a 14 pound cat sitting on my wrist. It's a very exciting experience.
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For the first time in roughly 3 years, I might add.

A few things that caught my eye...

Spoilers for Season One specifically, and generally up to Season Four )
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So. Very good episode, but seriously, in this one, the continuity fairy didn't just get drunk, she dropped acid and smoked crack on top of it. Let's try to pick that timeline apart, shall we? )

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Saw Mamma Mia! yesterday and while it'll hardly change the course of film history, it's fluffily and sunnily entertaining and hopefully gives a boost to the Greek tourism industry (provided it was actually filmed in Greece, which I'm not incredibly sure of). If your greatest goal in life is seeing Colin Firth hug half-naked men and don a turquoise glittery number you might want to watch this movie.
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We-ell... I think "interesting" describes it best. I do love The Rani, as was expected, and I pity Nicola Bryant for the atrocious costume she has to wear, which unfortunately doesn't quite manage to drown out Colin Baker's Death by Miss-Matched Colours Suit. Anthony Ainley, meanwhile, could really add a few more evil chuckles to his performance, it seems almost tame. And Peri's accent really doesn't sound half bad next to the "locals." All in all though I have to admit I won't be joining the exclusive lj club of proud and brave lovers of the Sixth Doctor. Sorry, [livejournal.com profile] futuresoon!

P.S.: I guess I have to wait for Part 2 to see The Rani kneeing The Master in his prized heirlooms?
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Brief thoughts behind the cut. Spoilers only up to and including the episode, naturally. Not yet. )
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My history with the Terminator franchise is largely one of indifference; I have seen all three movies, but found only the first one really memorable, and suspect I only have recollections of T2 because Linda Hamilton rocked and You Could Be Mine was in the charts for ages at that time. (Does MTV still show Guns' n' Roses videos? Do Guns 'n' Roses even still exist? Does MTV, for that matter? Gods, I'm old.) The only possible baggage I could carry into the TV spin-off, focussed on The Saviour of Mankind's Mom, Sarah Connor, was the question whether I could accept Lena Headey - last seen as Queen Gorgo in that amazing epic of historical accuracy, 300 - as a Hamilton substitute. Short answer - I can't, but she's doing a nice job creating her own Sarah nonetheless. Scattered thoughts on the first two episodes of  The Sarah Connor Chronicles follow behind the cuts:

Pilot )

Gnothi Seauton )
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Another short review this week. Spoilers for the episode and very vagues ones for the promo behind the cut.

I last saw my mother a year from now. )
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Very late with this one, mostly because while it was a very good episode, it didn't really inspire me that much. In addition, I still have a cold, and am thus slightly cranky. Spoilers for episode and promo as usually behind the cut:

"When you say 'take out', you mean 'kill'."- "It is a euphemism." )
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I liked this episode - even though I feel it should have been 2.01, not 2.08. Spoilers for the episode and vague ones for next week's promo below the cut:

Think About What Matters Most To You )
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This is one of those shows that sneaks up on you, seemingly nothing special at first, just another procedural with a quirky lead character, one that you suspect will never really raise above any of its countless siblings. But then, suddenly, it turns out to be this character-driven, atmospheric little jewel that has great acting, good writing, brilliant music, a solid overarching mystery, standalone cases that are not excessively ripped from the headlines and an investigating duo that rivals early Mulder/Scully in chemistry, and before you really know it, you're hooked. Additional bonus - tons of Deadwood alumni keep creeping up, and "Calamity Jane" Robin Weigert has a regular spot as Crews and Reese's Lieutenant.

The story is simple: Cop Charlie Crews has been incarcerated for 12 years, for murders he didn't commit. His lawyer manages to prove his innocence and achieve compensation - a considerable amount of money and the department he used to work for hiring him back, this time as a detective. He doesn't just return for the fun of police work, obviously, he wants to find out who set him up, and there indeed may have been a rather sinister conspiracy, complete with faking evidence and hiding witnesses. This mystery unfolds slowly but steadily in the background, and illustrates both Charlie's character and his evolving relationships to the people around him, especially his housemate, financial advisor and fellow ex-convict Ted, his new partner Dani Reese and his old partner Bobby Stark.

It's extremely well done, and if you don't watch it yet, you should really try it out. I'm sure you won't regret it.

Very brief, random thoughts on the most recent episode, A Civil War )
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A bit late, my apologies. Spoilers for episode and trailer as usually behind the cut:

Are you certain of these results? )
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Somehow I couldn't get past this one, because obviously I needed to watch yet another highly addictive, progressively dark show with an apocalyptic element.
So far - Episode 8 - I like it a lot, even though the fact that the show takes place after a nuclear attack on a massive scale isn't necessarily something that has filtered through all that much - yet, as I have been made to believe. What strikes me as interesting about the whole concept is that it is basically a western - the state government plays no role, the local authorities are working only perfunctory, and the small bits of civilization the town has kept for itself are increasingly threatened by a progressively lawless situation that is ruled by criminals and rampaging mercenaries on the one hand, and the less joyous traits of the townspeople somewhat beginning to get the better of them on the other.

At the same time the story has a strong conspiracy element, concerned with the wider aspects of the attacks, and right smack in the middle of this is Robert Hawkins, a character who rivals Jack Bristow and Noah Bennet in moral grayness and bad assery, and who may just have more dark secrets than both these gentlemen combined. Like them, he also has a highly assertive young daughter in Alison, who, despite starting out as the usual sullen teenager, catches on extremely fast on the less than savoury traits of her father's occupation and holds herself up just fine.

In general, the characters are likable and multi-dimensional, and, except for one storyline concerned with an ill-fated romance between a young misfit shop clerk turned wanna-be gangster and a snotty teenage queen, mostly blessed with watchable plots. I was also very fond of the show's tendency to mix up the characters in often unexpected ways: how often do you see genuine friendship between the woman the hero is pining after and the woman who is pining after him? Plus: James Remar, playing once more a sketchy father figure (even though this time on the definite wrong side of the law).
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Spoilers for same abound behind the cut, so proceed with caution. How 'bout that - I win )
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Over the last two days, I tried to get a job as a hell spawn call center agent for one of the bigger phone service providers in Germany, but bailed out at the last minute, because I just can't bring myself to sell useless technology to hapless senior citizens. That leaves me in ethically pristine condition, but might prove devastating to my monetary situation. On the plus side: living under a bridge is not that bad during summer, and at least I will know that I am a good person.

In less dramatical news, here my second and finale TV Drive-By Review for Jake 2.0: Be advised that I was less than impressed... )
*ducks rotten tomatoes*
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So, I actually liked the pilot episode of John From Cincinnati, which, judging from media and message board reactions, makes me a member of an elusive club of maybe four people - including, possibly, persons related to and/or bribed by David Milch.

Sure, it was somewhat odd, and so far, most of the characters seem bizarre rather than engaging ( although I have developed a strange fondness for character spoiler ), probably because he gets to monologue with a teddy bear, and has the greatest view on the Pacific from his living room. Seriously, I want that view). The dialogue and some of the characters remind me fondly of Deadwood - even though this is not remotely close to either the intensity or the quality of that show - and the plot could develop into something intriguing, seeing that it already contains spoilery plot points )

Of course, the show could just as well fall into the dreaded Twin Peaks/Carnivale trap and turn into nothing but boring pseudo-mysticism without a point or even a punchline, but so far, I'm willing to give it a shot.

ETA: Sigh. So, I guess I misspelled Cincinnati, huh? Ratten.
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I'm currently trying this show out, since a lot of people I know seemed to like it: It's a somewhat fluffy spy show centered around a former tech guy who becomes Super Geek after he gets accidentally infected with nanoids. The main character is played by Christopher Gorham, whom viewers of Ugly Betty will know as Betty's nerdily sweet love Henry; the rest of the cast is made up of actors I've never heard of before or since, playing a tough NSA agent, an even tougher director, a geeky doctor/future love-interest who is more annoying than cute, and the crush from Henry's college days, who has either a really confusingly written storyline, or is some sort of spy herself, respectively. So far, I can see why people like it, but it utterly fails to enthrall me in any way, so I can't say if I'll give the whole run a chance. Can anyone give me unspoilered feedback whether it gets a little more exciting after the first few episodes?


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