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Not bad, but a bit too Manly Men Doing Manly Things for my taste. (The female characters don't seem to be too horrible, though.)
Between this (Timothy Olyphant), Lost (John Hawkes), Caprica (Paula Malcomson), FlashForward (Kim Dickens) and True Blood (William Sanderson) it's almost like I'm watching Deadwood again.
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Leave me a comment saying "Resistance is Futile."
I'll respond by asking you five questions so I can satisfy my curiosity.
Update your journal with the answers to the questions.
Include this explanation in the post and offer to ask other people questions.

[livejournal.com profile] astrogirl2 asked me the following questions: )
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Remember this? Yeah, me neither. These are some of my answers to the Five Favourite Whatevers Meme - you might call this the musical edition.

[livejournal.com profile] snopes_faith wanted to know my five favourite TV theme tunes )

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Despite appearances to the contrary, I am still among the living, if slightly fried. Working retail during this time of year is not awesome (but necessary, as one wants to eat now and then).

The cats are fine. There are now three of them, for those keeping notes at home. Thus I'm still ten away from being an official cat lady.

I'm very much looking forward to move, I really can't stand the cold in this flat anymore. Spring, come quickly.

And because it's of excessive importance, my current TV schedule )
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In my never-ending (if slowly advancing) quest to peruse the classics, I've finally started watching I, Claudius, which not only provides a neat opportunity to play British Actor Bingo, but is also way cooler than successor Rome, despite lacking anything akin to a James Purefoy full frontal. Sure, Max Pirkis' Octavian would make a fascinating supplement to Brian Blessed's Augustus, but not only would Livia eat Atia and Servilia for breakfast, even Julia could wipe the floor with Octavia, and I'm pretty sure Tiberius could out-whine both Brutus and Cicero. I'll also never again accept any seer who doesn't cruelly make fun of any advise-seeking young nobleman's afflictions. So much for writhing around in seductive fits.
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We-ell... I think "interesting" describes it best. I do love The Rani, as was expected, and I pity Nicola Bryant for the atrocious costume she has to wear, which unfortunately doesn't quite manage to drown out Colin Baker's Death by Miss-Matched Colours Suit. Anthony Ainley, meanwhile, could really add a few more evil chuckles to his performance, it seems almost tame. And Peri's accent really doesn't sound half bad next to the "locals." All in all though I have to admit I won't be joining the exclusive lj club of proud and brave lovers of the Sixth Doctor. Sorry, [livejournal.com profile] futuresoon!

P.S.: I guess I have to wait for Part 2 to see The Rani kneeing The Master in his prized heirlooms?
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Ladies and Gentlemen...

follow the cut. )
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It's villains, people. Villains. As in villainy, villainesque, villainilicious. Not villians. Arrgh.
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Check out this promo picture for the finale three episodes of Doctor Who Series 30/Season 4. Be warned, there are six(!) casting spoilers, but seriously, wow!

ETA: The comment section is convinced that everybody and their grandmother already know who will be in the finale, therefore I'm removing the spoiler warning.(And won't tell anyone that I personally didn't know about one of these people showing up.)
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Since most of the shows I am following are currently taking a break and won't be around until late April, I am planning to use this time to catch up on others or try out some new ones. So far I want to take a look at Jericho, Drive, and Brothers & Sisters. Anyone got any further suggestions?

ETA: I am tentatively planning to write recaps for the first 18 Heroes episodes. No idea if that'll work out in any form, but I could seriously use the practice, and I think it might be fun.


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