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Short VD primer: I started watching this as background noise for doing my laundry and for a long time my interest stayed on that level, although I very quickly learned to appreciate the great number of interesting and often quite powerful female characters both human and supernatural. Roughly around Episode 9, the show started bringing in new and interesting characters and several storylines that jumped and twisted and intertwined in unpredictable and largely entertaining ways and some time later I realized I'm no longer ironically turned on by its bad boy image watching this for cheap kicks but actually enjoying it on its own merits. It even changed my opinion of Ian Somerhalder's acting skills, although that admittedly took a while.

I do like almost all characters; the ones I care most about are Alaric, Anna, Bonnie, Caroline and Elena, but I'm proud to say that after 21 episodes, I've even managed to distinguish Matt, Tyler and Jeremy. This, I assure you, was no mean feat.
Some notes about last week's episode under the cut:

I do believe in killing the messenger. You know why? Because it sends a message. )
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Yes, I said I wouldn't review the show anymore, but that was tied to my distaste for most of Season 4; this episode, however, I enjoyed. Well, "enjoyed," but the feeling was cathartic as opposed to pure punishment, like some of the others. Let's proceed posthaste to some scattered tidbits:Spoilers for Episode )
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I liked the Bishops and... no, wait, that's it. I liked the Bishops. The rest was still boiled down X-Files/Alias - especially the spoiler for this episode ) One intriguing aspect: spoilery, if you don't read credits )
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Without which there is nothing? They must refer to the spark the show once had.

Yep, I think that's it - Battlestar Galactica and I just had the "It's not you, it's me" talk. Except in this case, it really is you, and you, show, have changed into somewhat of a generic pod person, whom I don't adore that much. I'd blame the writers' strike if I weren't feeling so irritated about this.

(And yes, of course I'll watch the rest of it*, for the sake of Tricia Helfer and James Callis and most of the other cast if nothing else - I just wish I could love it better.)

*obviously, there won't be any write ups anymore, though.
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Okay, the last time I tried to write this entry, it rivalled Moby Dick in both length and entertainment value, which is really a bit much for an episode that is essentially setup for the finale. So I decided to cut it down a tad, and by cutting it down I mean roughly reducing it by half. Seriously, you will thank me for it. How many times do I have to tell you, John? I always have a plan. )
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Very, very short thoughts on the episode after the cut: If I see one more gun... )
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Seems like Lost is back. Spoilers for The Shape of Things to Come behind the cut. He changed the rules! )
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Warning: (almost) no happiness, but I don't think any vitriol. Spoilers for episode only. )

Still Lost

Feb. 28th, 2008 06:59 pm
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Have finally finished watching Season Three...Various thoughts under the cut; Spoilers up to end of Season 3 )

I guess that means it's time for Season Two now.
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As I work my way through Lost Season 3, I can definitely say I'm still really intrigued by the Others and their dynamics - Juliet continues to be interestingly mysterious and Alex (I trust that's the brunette girl?) is truly adorable. Ben lost me through the bunny stunt (bit of a button issue, that), but is one of the chilliest and most intriguing villains I've seen in a long time. I liked Mr. Eko and was sad to see him go so quickly, but am looking forward to seeing more of him in Season Two (yep, going backwards, at least mostly). I've also fallen head over heels for Desmond, which is really not surprising, since he is a) completely crazy, but apparently not evil, and b) looks a little bit like a very lovely ex-boyfriend of mine. In addition, his, er, bared scenes with both Locke and Hurley were rather hilarious, and best of all, his first flashback episode had Clancy "Brother Justin" Brown! How can it get better? (I don't quite get why he thought pissing off Alan Dale was a good idea, though. Has he never watched TV?)

As for the old gang, I'm still liking those that I liked before - mostly Hurley and Locke, but also Charlie and Claire, Sayid, Jin and Sun, and Sawyer is at least snarky if not particularly interesting.
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One of the things you can do while a writers' strike is going on in Hollywood is cleaning out your TV show backstack. Vague spoilers about the following shows behind the respective cuts:

Blood Ties )

Chuck )

Gossip Girl )
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My history with the Terminator franchise is largely one of indifference; I have seen all three movies, but found only the first one really memorable, and suspect I only have recollections of T2 because Linda Hamilton rocked and You Could Be Mine was in the charts for ages at that time. (Does MTV still show Guns' n' Roses videos? Do Guns 'n' Roses even still exist? Does MTV, for that matter? Gods, I'm old.) The only possible baggage I could carry into the TV spin-off, focussed on The Saviour of Mankind's Mom, Sarah Connor, was the question whether I could accept Lena Headey - last seen as Queen Gorgo in that amazing epic of historical accuracy, 300 - as a Hamilton substitute. Short answer - I can't, but she's doing a nice job creating her own Sarah nonetheless. Scattered thoughts on the first two episodes of  The Sarah Connor Chronicles follow behind the cuts:

Pilot )

Gnothi Seauton )
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It's the Doctor Who Christmas Special! Spoilers and aliens are hiding behind the cut: Information: Kill! )
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Interestingly enough, there was a Life episode of the same name a few weeks back. It's all connected, apparently. Spoilers for the episode behind the cut: You Do Know That You've Now Opened Pandora's Box )
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Another short review this week. Spoilers for the episode and very vagues ones for the promo behind the cut.

I last saw my mother a year from now. )
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Very late with this one, mostly because while it was a very good episode, it didn't really inspire me that much. In addition, I still have a cold, and am thus slightly cranky. Spoilers for episode and promo as usually behind the cut:

"When you say 'take out', you mean 'kill'."- "It is a euphemism." )
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I was okay with this episode, though not exactly head over heels. Spoilers for Fight or Flight and very vague ones for next week's promo behind the cut:

This is how you help people - by tasering them? )


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