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I'm not gonna lie, I thought this mostly sucked.

End of Line. Vague Spoilers for Episode )

Oh well. I'll really miss the cast, but after Deep Space Nine, Carnivale, and this, my need for spiritual discovery journeys with Ron Moore is certainly satisfied for quite a while.

ETA: Does anybody know which episodes of Burn Notice have Tricia Helfer guest starring?
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Yes, I said I wouldn't review the show anymore, but that was tied to my distaste for most of Season 4; this episode, however, I enjoyed. Well, "enjoyed," but the feeling was cathartic as opposed to pure punishment, like some of the others. Let's proceed posthaste to some scattered tidbits:Spoilers for Episode )
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Without which there is nothing? They must refer to the spark the show once had.

Yep, I think that's it - Battlestar Galactica and I just had the "It's not you, it's me" talk. Except in this case, it really is you, and you, show, have changed into somewhat of a generic pod person, whom I don't adore that much. I'd blame the writers' strike if I weren't feeling so irritated about this.

(And yes, of course I'll watch the rest of it*, for the sake of Tricia Helfer and James Callis and most of the other cast if nothing else - I just wish I could love it better.)

*obviously, there won't be any write ups anymore, though.
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Warning: (almost) no happiness, but I don't think any vitriol. Spoilers for episode only. )
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Completely calm, collected and absolutely coherent reaction behind the cut no actual spoilers unless you're completely unfamiliar with general TV formats )

For more indepth analysis, tune back in later.
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Warning: crack ahead. There are no spoilers beyond the end of Season 3. My favourite choices for the last one )

If anyone spoils me in the comments, I will cut you.


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