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Once again, spoilers for all aired episodes.
You know how the show loves its parallel structures, right? )
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More or less an attempt to explain Jacob's bottle analogy. Spoilers for aired episodes )

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Well that was spoilery )
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Briefly, this time for real.

Are You A Hostile? )
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A Sawyer episode and I actually kind of love it? What is the world coming to.

Spoilers are blooming under the cut )
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I'll do the first three episodes of this season somewhere over the next week.

A bad jetlag doesn't make you haemorrhage, Daniel )
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I like it when shows keep up my literacy; lately, when I'm reading Lost episode discussions, I'm often tempted to hunt down and read this book. I'm sure I would have felt similarly about X-Philes.
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My foray into the dark depths of Lost Season 1 continues!

A few more scattered observations:again, general spoilers up to the end of Season 4 )

Pointless addition: I'm typing this with a 14 pound cat sitting on my wrist. It's a very exciting experience.
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For the first time in roughly 3 years, I might add.

A few things that caught my eye...

Spoilers for Season One specifically, and generally up to Season Four )
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I've finally started reading the graphic novel, because somebody (and another somebody) urged me to do so, and it's totally depressing, yet awesomely compelling, and I can't stop reading it and now there are only 4 issues left, and.... erm. Help?

Also, somewhat cryptically: the Lost producers have read this, too, right? Some elements seemed *really* familiar.

ETA: There are now spoilers in the comments.
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Okay, the last time I tried to write this entry, it rivalled Moby Dick in both length and entertainment value, which is really a bit much for an episode that is essentially setup for the finale. So I decided to cut it down a tad, and by cutting it down I mean roughly reducing it by half. Seriously, you will thank me for it. How many times do I have to tell you, John? I always have a plan. )
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Seems like Lost is back. Spoilers for The Shape of Things to Come behind the cut. He changed the rules! )
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Brief thoughts behind the cut. Spoilers only up to and including the episode, naturally. Not yet. )


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