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* Now, I do get that Hurley is supposed to be a bit of a shrinking violet and all, but a multi-billionaire, who is nice and generous and has a kind of teddy bear charm, unable to meet a woman who likes him? That's the most unrealistic plot-element this show has ever thrown at us.

* Libby and Hurley were very adorable, but the idea of each and every one of these people meeting their "soulmate" on the island is getting a bit nauseating.

* Cynthia Watros has the most amazing green eyes/contact lenses.

* Pierre Chang! Looking far too young for 2004, but eh, who cares.

* If I'm not mistaken, the picture showing Hurley with the toy dog is Jorge Garcia with his actual dog.

* Ilana's demise, while not totally surprising, was doubly anticlimactic: as the level-headed, gun-toting person hired to protect a bunch of more or less hapless "experts," who is naturally snobby about handling the dynamite herself because she knows what she's doing, thankyouverymuch, she of course dies ironically, like Arzt and Naomi before her. I still think they should have made her and Charlotte one character, so there would at least have been some development for either before their death. (And they would have spared us at least one dead female character.) Keeping fingers crossed to see her in the altverse.

* Frustrated!Richard is extremely entertaining after years of tranquility, and I love his cranky team of people who want to blow stuff up. It's too bad Locke is otherwise preoccupied, I'm sure he would have loved to join them, given his fondness for dynamite.

* Sawyer's interactions with Smokey are getting a wee bit one note; they've essentially replayed the same conversation over and over since Sawyer came back from Camp Widmore, and by now, he's starting to irritate *me*. He's really lucky Smokey isn't allowed to smote him, I'm just sayin'. (Although I liked Smokey's "the wood will tell me" moment, that was truly and dorkily Locke at his best. Which might point to Locke continuously bleeding into Smokey, I don't know.)

* Jack is ... actually likeable. Congratulations, show, for making me like your ostensible lead after six seasons.

* "Do you know who I am?" - "Of course. You're John Locke!" : I've talked at length with [livejournal.com profile] selenak about that exchange, and I do believe Smokey's reaction points to this being a lot more than just Desmond messing with him or simply being obtuse. Unfortunately, I have no idea at all what it means, but it seems important enough to kick Des into a well...

* Speaking of which, I'm not overly concerned about Des' journey to the underground: for one, I'm not too sure he's actually destructible**, and additionally, to say it with Fringe, there's more than one of everything. Although apparently, AltDes not only took over Jacob's rallying duties, he also caught some of his jerky attitude, given that he's now prone to run over old men in wheel chairs. I guess by becoming enlightened, he also caught some of that Other "Pain Is The Way To Knowledge" attitude. (His "it's nice bumping into you" to Hurley is a bit painfully punny in retrospect, though, no?)

**I have to admit that his current situation reminds me a bit of playing Tomb Raider in god-mode: you'd be fine, unless you ran Ms. Croft over a cliff, in which case she couldn't get out of the ditch again. In other words, Des might not die, but might spend the rest of his days sitting in a hole in the ground. Well done.
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